A Girl Child

When you rested on his hand for first the time with closed eyes,
he waited for that beautiful moment,
the moment of his life.
It was at that split moment,
when you opened your eyes
As the lights glistened,
in your beautiful eyes
Inside, he slowly started to cry.
He was given an angel, from heavens above,
A little girl to love.
You lead him to a state immersed with joy,
letting him forget all his sorrows.
Your laughter, warmth and special charm,
which come from deep inside made him feel fortunate
Your love and care for him become
the fuel of his life.
The ‘HE’ is not one but many.
Your dad, elder brothers, uncles and grandfathers.
He knows that you are his life giving elixir.

Sch. Jijomon

[Jijo is a I st year theologian at JDV]