Catholics of North East Region ( CORNER) Pune

CONER, Catholics of North East Region was formed in the year 1998 as part of the House Ministry of De Nobili College (DNC). It has been functioning for the last nineteen years and has helped many batches of students and working people here in the city of Pune. The aim of this group is to foster relations between the students and those working Catholics hailing from the so called; Seven Sisters, Sikkim, Darjeeling. Our coming together is once-a-month. The main purpose is to help and assist in the spiritual needs of the Catholics hailing from these places. This group is assisted by the Fathers, Brothers and Sisters studying at JDV, Pune.


The various activities conducted throughout the year were:

  1. Fresher’s Meet on 24 July 2016 with about 110 participants
  2. Farewell Mass for 6 outgoing Deacons on 11 Sept 2016
  3. Pre – Christmas Mass and cultural activities on 4 Dec 2016
  4. One-day Retreat “Into the Deep” on 26 Feb  2017 led by Fr. Naveen Rebello (SVD) for 27 participants
  5. Thanksgiving Mass and farewell for 22 outgoing CONER members on 5 March 2017
  6. Continued to celebrate Holy Mass on the 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month at  DNC and St. Vincent’s Chapel, Camp, throughout the year
  7. Carol singing by CONER members at various religious houses and a few CONER member residences around Wadgaonsheri to help usher in the Christmas feeling
  8. Fresher’s Meet on 6 August 2017 with 100 members present.

During the Year 2016 – 17, CONER added around 25 new members to the family, acquired assets like a PA system, guitar and steel cups. With the help of few members, this year CONER prepared and sold a few bottles of bamboo-shoot pickle. The funds received from the sale was utilized for other CONER activities.

With the help of technology (with special reference to WhatsApp), we encouraged members to post prayer requests and opened the platform to pray for one another. Voting through WhatsApp to elect the office bearers for 2017 – 18 was initiated for the first time. The main focus of CONER is to build bridges. The CONER movement continues to flourish still with the blessing of God above.

Miss Cherry D’Crus