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Independence or In dependence?

Independence is a widely spoken and meaningful word with various connotations: some fight for it, some demand it; some sacrifice their life for it while others trample and tread over it! The purview of Independence is myriad within different contexts. “The essence of independence is to be able to do something for one’s self” says Maria Montessori. Everyone yearns for freedom which is indeed the essence of Independence. But can we say confidently that we indeed have independence or are independent people?

People in this post-modern world work themselves to death to the extent that they have neither time for family nor friends nor personal recreation and hobbies. Is this a form of ‘modern slavery’? Governments make new laws and bring out new-fangled rules and regulations which stifle the common person and curtail his independence. These are the governments which rob the poor of their rights and feed the rich with benefits and comfort and money. We have gender and caste discriminations and atrocities against women even in today’s so called post-modern era. We have people controlling the food we eat, the religion we practice and even the life partner we choose! Where does our individual independence stand in all this hustle and bustle of life? “Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought” expressed the late Pope John Paul II. If being independent means being free; then is ‘independence’ really independence or just a farce? Are we independent or in dependence on a higher authority?

This issue of DNC Times specifically targets these concerns. We have interesting articles in which our writers express their outlook and feelings on current burning topics. Jomon writes about what independence means and how it is realized in today’s modern India. Ivin Tomy touches on the independence of media in our country, its biased attitude and the effects it has on the common people. Arun throws light on the understanding of independence and the implications involved. Maria Anand highlights the concept of ‘dancing democracy’, the play of politics and its ill effects on the very fabric of our country – secularism. Doni Raja shares his philosophical views on the festival of Diwali and how this festival is meaningful in today’s context. We also have articles on the ‘Girl Child Independence’, gender discrimination issues, some news updates from in-and-around the campus, short stories, poems and much more. I hope you will have a rare and uplifting reading experience and enjoy to the full the articles that may prompt you to reflect and ponder in your mind the burning issues raised.

The DNC team wishes you a Happy and Sparkling Diwali. Be the light of the world! Be the change you want the world to see!

Shawn D’Souza