Editor’s Desk

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi.
The moment we think of a New Year, we hear these words from many, ‘Wow! It is yet another new year added to my life. This year I will take resolution to study or work well, help others and I will be good to others, and so on.’ What is the reason for taking a New Year resolution? Now we are in the season of Lent which is also a season of repentance. A question that pops up is ‘How can I rejuvenate my spiritual self this Lent? The underlying current here is simply ‘CHANGE’. Change is the only thing people expect in this mechanical and merciless world. “Nothing is permanent in this world except the change”, says Heraclitus, the famous Greek philosopher. We need to change internally as well as externally. Nothing but only ‘change’ has the power to transform the world. Though change is one word it has created a great impact on the universe. For instance it is the change from violence to nonviolence by Mahatma Gandhi that made a great impact on the world, It is the change of heart in St. Ignatius of Loyola that brought about the birth of Society of Jesus. It is the ‘change caption’ that enabled Barack Obama to be a successful president of the USA. And the list is endless.

The first major concern which is threating each and every individual is climate change. Sch. Parciush has thrown light on how the industrialization and modernization have defaced the earth and what steps we should take in order to protect and conserve the planet earth and ourselves from the effects of climate change. With the recent discovery of gravitational waves, science has come ever closer to knowing ‘God’ but differently from the ‘God’ taught in religion. Prof. Job Kozhamthadam, SJ, has enlightened us on the need for a religious change and a dialogue with science. The season of Lent calls for a renewal, it calls for a change one’s attitudes. Sch. Ryan tells us more in his article ‘forty days of Lent’. Sch. Oscar has challenged each citizen of the country in the article ‘The Rise of Fundamentalism’ by stating we should not fold our hands and criticize the country which is exploiting the poor and feeding the corporates, rather we should soil our arms to fight for justice. Likewise, we have taken up various issues that have changed the face of the world positively as well as negatively. In this issue we have brought in a change in the layout of the magazine too, dividing it into eight sections. I hope you enjoy and relish reading these articles with a smile on your face.

Change is everywhere and also in the ‘DNC Times’ magazine too. Hereafter DNC Times will be a quarterly magazine and not monthly.

With so much change taking place in and around us, there is a need to prepare ourselves to ‘expect the unexpected,’ we keep in mind the words of Dan Mount who says:
Concentrate on a new outcome
Have a vision of what you want to achieve
Always be open to the new possibilities
Never let fear dictate your decisions
Give your new direction a chance to work
Embrace the change as it enfolds

Sch. Ivan D’Souza

(Ivan is the Outgoing Editor of DNC Times)