Nothing Else

Everything seems to be at a stand-still. There’s no life in the things around,’ thought Aneesh. For a couple of days his life suddenly became boring and uninteresting. For him the phase of his vicinity curbed down drastically. Even though he didn’t have any particular work he always thought himself as the busiest, noblest creature on earth. But now the situation was just the opposite. He never thought that he would land up in this situation. For you and me it might sound simple and, if not, crazy. Even Aneesh would have found it in the same way. But the fact now is: Aneesh finds his life miserable now.

The situation is straight and simple. Aneesh doesn’t have a phone with him now. It’s not that he can’t afford one. He already ordered a trending smartphone in the market. It’s just a matter of delivery of the “smartie” to him. His problems started ever since the day he broke his phone. He was watching a movie in You Tube with a noble mission of finishing his data quota of the day. But his body was not as cooperative as he wished. His body’s needful right to rest led him in a blissful trance. When he woke up, he could only see the relics of his smartie. Thanks to the brawl in his trance. The first thing for him to do was to order a new phone. Until then he didn’t realize how his world started with his smartphone and ended with it.

“Bro, I need your laptop for a while,” Aneesh felt humiliated as he asked his brother. He wanted him to be all by himself. But then, here he was, standing in front of his brother asking for a favour!

‘This is only to order the phone. Then I will be at no one’s disposal,’ thought Aneesh.
Now all these are things of the past. Ever since, life is not the same. Each and every moment he thinks of the moment of the arrival of the phone. He feels that only this will complete the incompleteness in his life: to rejuvenate his vigour-less life…..
‘But how was I to spend my days without my phone. I feel totally handicapped,’ fretted Aneesh.
It has been really tough for him to see the world with his own eyes than through a 5.5-inch screen. The world seems different to see. No words can be found to say what he wants to say.

“Mom, I am goi… goi… going out for a moveee…… movie,” fumbled Aneesh looking at the questioning expression of his mother. He realized that it has been a long time since he spoke to his mother. There was a need which aroused him to speak.
‘Anyone can get in touch with anyone in this ever-connected world,’ Aneesh always used to think. But now he is in a disconnected world. Someone has to know where he is. This made him to speak to his mother.

He was not ready to call any of his friends for company. To add to it, he doesn’t even know the where-abouts of any of his friends! ‘Text to text’ was always their relationship. He doesn’t know any other thing than this.

The world looks different for him these days. He was welcomed by a gentle drizzle as he stepped out of his home. He would have run inside for shelter but today he just wanted to stay there. A soothing experience for his boiling mind! It cooled down his whole body. For the first time his eyes opened to see the lush greenery outside his home. The recent showers have made it look greener.

‘Oh, is it in HD mode!’ thought Aneesh. He started noticing the things around. People were moving in different directions. All had something to give him that day – a smile of the innocent child, mischievous look of a school- going boy, a serene composure of a street vendor, a worried face of an office going man, a puppy’s dancing gait- the world seemed to be open to him to the fullest.

All his worries were gone like morning dew. He felt a boundless energy flowing through him. He realized that life is of more worth than what he thought it to be. There came a clarity for him that there is much more to see with one’s own eyes than peeping into a virtual world. All these things were never noticed by him. At that moment, he felt more connected to the world around than ever before.

He started returning home. Nothing has changed much in the things around. But definitely for him there was a great change within. Everything looked different for him. There was a bubbling energy flowing within. He didn’t know exactly what had happened.

‘Hi, Mom! May I have a cup of coffee…..’ called out Aneesh as he entered his home with sparkling joy.
His puzzled mother came out saying, “Aneesh, a parcel has come for you.”
Aneesh smiled at her saying, “Mom, I love you!” Nothing else more was needed for his revitalized Soul!

VP Vivek

[ Vivek is a 2nd year student of philosophy at JDV]