Oh, Happy Day !!!

Indeed!! The day of our Diaconate has become a red letter day in our lives because of the graces and blessings that each one of us received. It was an occasion which all of us were looking forward to. Nearly fourteen to fifteen years of studies was a preparation for this grace-filled moment. We underwent a lot of spiritual and personal preparation as we got ready for this day. The day of the Diaconate was a special day that dawned with mix feelings of joy, anxiety, nervousness, peace, blissfulness etc.

The whole ceremony began with much devotion and fervor. I recall as each time we went up to the Bishop to be prayed over, there was a sense of devotion within us. The presence of the Spirit was very much felt and experienced. It became more evident as we prostrated before the altar and the Litany of the Saints was sung. The whole congregation along with the Bishop and the Priests prayed and interceded for us. This was a crucial moment which most of us felt was very momentous. One felt the unworthiness of receiving the Order and yet was full of joy because it is God who called us.

Throughout the whole liturgy, there was a sense of heavenly bliss and the presence of the Holy Spirit. The Bishop Velarian in his homily exhorted us, the new deacons, to serve the Lord with love. It was a vocation to show love in the service of others. As the Diaconate ceremony concluded, we experienced the outpouring of wishes and blessings of people. Companions wished each other with a warm embrace and a hug of joy. Friends, relatives and guests, who had come from far and near, shared our joys by being with us during this day.

The whole atmosphere of the day was that of gratitude and deep joy that each one of us experienced within. Thanks to all those who contributed in making this day special for us.

Sch. Lloyd

[Lloyd is a III rd year student of theology]