The corridors of DNC have been given a face lift with the help of the choicest variety of green croton plants that were the fruit of the enduring hard work of Fr. Zacheus. His tender care and love for plants catches the eye of one and all that results in a sense of inner tranquility. As William Wordsworth so rightly wrote, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”
Anyone who witnesses new life in the surroundings would certainly agree that hard work always pays back. It is also a sign that we are all invited to labour with the Lord who is at work all the time. The hidden a message is that caring for the other is always a great virtue. When we dirty our hands to give new life, there is a great joy at the end of our involvement. Our life becomes ever green when we have close contact with nature.

It has been tidings of great joy for all the members of the community to celebrate the birth day of a legendary figure, Fr. Ted Bowling, who turned 94 on 4th April On this great day, the deacons had the privilege of being part of the celebration. Fr. Ted has been a great instrument in turning the land of thistle and rock into a place of lush green trees. From the time he arrived at DNC, he has been gifting number of new species of plants to the campus. Each and every mighty tree that is surviving today has been planted and cared for by Fr. Ted. If not for the efforts and hard work of Fr. Ted, the campus would not have attained the beauty of having such a green canopy of trees. DNC community is indeed fortunate to witness the campus teeming with a number of colorful birds who sing day and night signifying their sense of belongingness to this campus. Truly the celebration of life happens every second in this campus through the priceless work of Fr. Ted. Celebrating his birthday amidst young scholastics is really a great joy. May our living legend, Fr. Ted, grow young in spirit to rekindle the spirit of foresight in the minds and hearts of the scholastics.

Fr. Jacob, the Minister of the house has left no stone unturned to give a new look to the house. He has taken a lot of efforts to renovate both the kitchen and the refectories. There were times when scholastics used to feel very uneasy due to the hot summer. This difficulty has been rectified by installing ceiling fans in both the refectories. The refectory has also been given a new look by painting it and adding marble tiles to the sides. The kitchen and scullery section too have undergone a base lift. Now the refectory looks more attractive than ever before. The Recreation Room for the Staff has also been renovated and suitable chairs have been provided for their recreation. To escape from the heat waves of the summer one section on the first floor of the Library has been provided with air conditioning. It is a great invitation for the scholastics to sharpen their intellectual depth by making frequent visits to the library. The DNC Gym has also been upgraded and new equipment purchased, like treadmill, jogger, a full-fledged workout machine, cyclers, etc. have been added. All the members of the community appreciate the hard work of Fr. Jacob for the recent developmental activities that are happening in and around the campus. Kudos to Fr. Minister for all the good work!

The academic year 2017-18 kicked off with a two-day Orientation Program for all the members of the student’s body at DNC. On 4 June the program was conducted in two sessions: one for the students of theology and the other for the students of philosophy, the theme was “Rowing Deep Reaching Beyond”. On 5 June the Orientation Program was conducted in common. This program helped each one to know the other which in turn led to building up of a strong community spirit. All the participants were addressed by different senior scholastics on the matters of prayer, study and about community life. There are 35 new students of philosophy and 13 are here for theology.

On 6 June, our community had the privilege of being with nature by celebrating an Eco-Mass, inviting all the cosmic forces to be part of our new beginning of the academic year. Rev. Fr. Edward celebrated the Eucharist and invoked the blessings for all the members of the community. It is a call of nature to love all forms of life and to promote life on this blue planet. The core idea of coming together is to have concern for our Mother Earth through our small deeds in conserving the energy for the next generation and presenting to them our planet as we had received it from our ancestors. At the end of the celebration, each Living Group received a plant to be planted in a symbolic way to show our active involvement to bring more greenery to our campus. As a symbol of unity and togetherness we had a community photo session at the end of the Eco Mass. All the members of the community were inspired to work hand in hand to care for nature in and through the active involvement of our fellow human persons, spear headed by Shristimitra.

C. Bosco

[ Bosco is a 2nd year student at JDV]