The month of January brought a new beginning for each one of us; not only a new year, but a new semester and new subjects to study and learn as well. Classes began in full swing with lectures galore. One significant event in January was the International Symposium on “The Discovery of Gravitational Waves and the Future of Religion and Society”, held from the 20 to the 23 January 2017 at Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune. It saw the participation of many professors, theologians, philosophers, scientists and students. Although more than half of the 100 plus participants from various parts of India and abroad were scholars with doctoral degrees in different disciplines, a good section of the participants were non-science scholars. Interdisciplinary in nature, the four day-long symposium offered a rare opportunity for internationally reputed scholars to share their ideas through well-researched papers and for the participants to engage in serious reflection, discussion and sharing. On 26th Jan we also had the Republic Day celebrations with a special Thanksgiving Holy Mass in which our very own DNC choir added meaning to the liturgy. After the mass, a short flag hoisting ceremony was held. Norwin Pereria gave a fiery but deeply meaningful and inspiring speech.

The month of February was marked by a lot of busy preparations. These preparations were all geared up for the main day – February 11, 2017. This was the day when 17 of our brothers were ordained deacons. The Mass was very meaningful and the celebration was splendid. If the ceremony went off like clock-work, it was due to the meticulous rehearsals taken by Fr. Tom Kattathara for days together. The DNC choir was another major factor that lent depth and solemnity to the occasion-the fruit of many practices after supper. Most. Rev. Bishop (Emeritus.) Valerian D’Souza was the Main Celebrant for the occasion. It was indeed a wonderful and thrilling experience to see our brothers being ordained as Deacons! Congratulations dear brothers. God bless you!

Now, as we approach the end of the year, we look back with joy and gratitude at the year gone by. So much done, so much taught, so much learnt… Well, we have our testing time coming up – the exams! Do keep us all in your prayers. After that we bid adieus and return to our respective provinces for our summer programs till June.

Shawn D’Souza

[Shawn is a I st year student of theology]